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Neighborhood Alert:

Bat Eviction Underway Near You

Watch Jill Silcott, our wildlife expert, discuss the impact of a nearby bat eviction on your home. Learn why it's critical to inspect and protect your property to prevent bats from moving in.


Don't miss out on safeguarding your space against bat invasions. Click below to request a bat inspection to keep your home safe!


Top 10 Bat Entry Points

  1. Attic Vents
  2. Roof Edges
  3. Chimney
  4. Eaves and
  5. Loose/Missing Shingles
  6. Siding Gaps
  7. Soffit Vents
  8. Exterior Wall Holes
  9. Windows/Doors
  10. Utility Openings

Meet the Preferred Pest

Wildlife Pros

Introducing Jill Silcott and Ethan Ross-Taylor, the heart and brains behind our wildlife rescue missions. They're not just any experts; they're certified in making sure our furry and feathered friends find safe havens. Belonging to prestigious groups like the National Pest Management Association, Missouri Pest Management Association, and the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, their credentials are top-notch.


But what truly sets them apart? Their deep love for animals and nature. This passion drives their commitment to humane practices, ensuring every creature receives the kindness and respect it deserves.


Discover the blend of professionalism and compassion that defines our wildlife team. Visit our main page to learn how Jill and Ethan make a difference.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the risk of bat droppings in my home?

Bat droppings can contain a fungus that causes a lung disease. It's important to avoid contact to prevent health risks.

Are bats in my house dangerous?

Yes, bats can carry rabies and their droppings might cause lung disease. It's best to remove them safely.

Will bats come back after you remove them?

No, we use one-way doors to let bats out but keep them from coming back in. It's a safe and humane method.

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