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At Preferred Pest Control, we understand the importance of keeping your home clear of annoying pests and creepy critters, during summertime... or anytime.  And we offer the most comprehensive and thorough pest control services around!


How will Preferred Pest Control help your business?  Our commercial pest control strategy utilizes a custom plan for our clients to treat pest problems quickly, safeguarding from further infestations.


Tackling pest prevention can be tricky. There are pros and cons to DIY methods.  We always remind home and business owners that even though you may be saving money at first, it’s best to think about some very important facts...

Rodents Don’t Have To Live In Your Home Or Business

Rodents spread disease and do costly damage to property. If you spot a living or dead rodent, find droppings, or see destruction to property or food supplies, it’s time to take action.

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Once a rodent has gained access to your home through the foundation they will gain access to your plumbing between the walls. Using these pipes they will have full access to your home or apartment. From there they will use unsealed piping around your kitchen and bathroom fixtures to emerge looking for food. Any food left in pantries, or on counters runs the risk of being eaten or contaminated. Prompt treatment to eliminate them is imperative. If you suspect rats or mice are in your home or business, Preferred Pest Control can help. We have 50 years of experience getting rid of rodents and performing highly effective exclusion work.

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Preferred Pest Control has effective solutions to shut down ants, cockroaches, spiders, and more. Guaranteed!



  • "Excellent customer service! Truly impressive. I would recommend Preferred to anyone. They were friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They took time to answer my questions. Not once was I made to feel like my concerns/questions weren’t important. If you have any need of an exterminator, call them. So refreshing to be treated so wonderful."

  • "Hanging by the pool and not one darn Mosquito!! Thank you!"

  • "Before your Mosquito treatment I would get 2-3 bites while outside. Since the treatment not one bite so far. Thanks."

  • "Our guy is always on time and professional. He even put on booties so considerate of our carpet. Listens to the issues and addresses it."

    Randal JRandal JResidential
  • "Very respectful, didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need and I would recommend you to anyone."

  • "Preferred is the best! I will use you again and I will tell people about you."

  • "Have a bug question or major problem? These are the guys to call!!! Thanks for the help!!!"

  • "Preferred Pest Control saved my house from a bed bug infestation. They were very discrete, informative, and thorough. I now have a house that's bed bug free! Thank you!"