FREE Resources to Help Work From Home Parents!

Due to social distancing to slow the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak many parents have suddenly found themselves working from home with kids by their side.  Schools have been cancelled for at least a short time, but possibly for months.  Many are adjusting to a new work from home gig.  At the same time they are scrambling to come up with a short term education plan for their kids.  Luckily Pest World for Kids is creating free resources to help work from home parents with this very issue.

Working from home with a child by your side can be challenging.  There are still deadlines to meet, but the added distractions make it difficult to focus.  Finding small activities for kids to work on by themselves is key for you to get something done on your to do list!  At this same time, you want to be grateful for the extra time you have been given to spend with them.  Pest World for Kids is helping provide FREE resources to help work from home parents with both!

Pest World for Kids has lesson plans ready for parents complete with FREE downloads, activities and games, as well as suggested age appropriate books.  They provide a variety of things to do with your kids, but also things they can do on their own.  They even went as far to give you the Correlations with National Standards for those who need it!