Protecting and Preserving Health

Preferred Pest Control is prepared to help you preserve the quality of life you have today.

As an essential service, we will continue to do our part to protect our community’s food supply, as well as your homes and businesses, from pest-related property threats and most importantly, protect your family and loved ones from pest-specific public health threats.

How we are providing safe customer service:

  • Office Staff is working from home
  • Weekly team meetings are being held virtually
  • Wearing proper personal protective equipment (face masks, gloves & disposable shoe covers)
  • Pest Management Pros starting their routes from home
  • Pest Management Pros coming into the office one at a time throughout the day to restock on necessary supplies
  • Encouraging customers to pay online or over the phone
  • Maintain a social distance of no less than 6 feet while performing pest treatments
  • Applying hand sanitizer immediately before & after each service
  • Offering a “no-sign” option for completed service tickets

Still hesitant to have a Pest Management Pro inside? We can still service from the exterior to keep pests out. We also offer service consultations remotely over the phone or through video.