Mosquito Control for Your Home



Our Mosquito Prevention & Elimination Service is a quick knockdown, long-lasting treatment designed to target mosquitoes and their breeding sites.

  • Fast Results - 99% mosquito reduction in as little as 30 minutes following treatment
  • Long-Lasting - Coverage locks into place & stands up to harsh weather for 4 weeks
  • Kid & Pet Friendly - Targeted to be tough on mosquitoes, but safe for your family and pets


Turn your yard into a Mosquito Free Zone Today!

Mosquito Control for
Commercial Spaces & Special Events 

This treatment is designed to provide a more enjoyable experience at your outdoor venue.

Perfect for:

  • Keeping your guests comfortable at outdoor events such as weddings, festivals & concerts
  • Businesses with outdoor seating and dining areas who wish to keep their patrons around longer & coming back often
  • Campgrounds & RV Parks who would like to keep parks guests returning year after year


Get custom mosquito control for your outdoor space!

There are about 200 different species of mosquitoes in the United States, which live in specific habitats, exhibit unique behaviors and bite different types of animals. Despite these differences, all mosquitoes share some common traits, such as a four-stage life cycle (egg, larva, pupa, adult).

Different species of mosquitoes prefer different types of standing water in which to lay their eggs. The presence of beneficial predators such as fish and dragonfly nymphs in permanent ponds, lakes and streams help keep these bodies of water relatively free of mosquito larvae. However, portions of marshes, swamps, clogged ditches and temporary pools and puddles are all prolific mosquito breeding sites. Other sites in which some species lay their eggs include:

  • Tree Holes

  • Old Tires

  • Buckets

  • Toys

  • Potted Plant Trays and Saucers

  • Plastic Covers or Tarpaulins

  • Places as Small as Bottle Caps


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At Preferred Pest Control & Home Inspections, we offer comprehensive mosquito extermination and treatment services to stop infestations at their source. Our qualified exterminators are equipped to inspect your home environment, identify the scope of the problem, and determine the best course of action to eliminate those unwanted pests.

And when you hire us, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Reasonable mosquito treatment rates.

  • Easy, convenient appointment scheduling.

  • Dedication to your safety and comfort.

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As the leading mosquito treatment provider in NW Missouri and NE Kansas, we're equipped to handle any pest that may pop up and protect your property from future problems.



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